The Flexible Power Bank F2 with 2 battery slots, which includes a USB cable and the optimized circuit with an upgraded 3.0 Micro-B charging port to reduce 30% contact resistance, greatly improves the charging efficiency while supporting Micro-USB input, provides incessant power for outdoor enthusiasts.

Three in one: the F2 is versatile that it serves as the power storage, batteries charger and power supply.

With the Micro-USB port, the F2 is capable of storing the power from multiple devices (including solar panel); compatible with various types of batteries, the double slots doubles efficiency; instant and rapid charging to exert 2×1A charging current.

Intelligent Power Management System

The F2 charges batteries in two slots independently and selects the best charging mode automatically with regulation control circuit. Besides, the F2 automatically identifies battery type and selects the appropriate charging current and charging mode.

Flexible power options based on outdoor plans

There are multiple options for users’ demands, supplying power for outdoor gears such as headlamp, flashlight, camera, phone and other digital devices.

Lightweight and durable for outdoor activities

Made from high strength Polycarbonate, the F2 is lightweight, tough and durable that only weighs 1.64oz, efficiently reduces user’s burden to the minimum.

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