Nff01 can mix e-liquid for creating great smog, reducing the proportion of nicotine so as to make your unique flavor of e-juice. There are two modes selectable to cater for different mixing demands. The speed ranges from 70 to 1200 rpm is selectable; and the temperature ranges from 35℃ to 70℃ is selectable.

Intelligent Programmed Two Modes Selectable
SMM simple mixing mode is very simple to access, capable of continuous running. PMM programmable mixing mode is a personalized setting, which is classifies into 3 separate working periods, offering working duration up to 14 days.

Heating Function with Digital Temperature Control
With the stainless steel heating panel, NFF01 is able to mix and heat the e-liquid simultaneously. By means of heating and mixing, e-liquid can be activated and mixed evenly.

Clear User Interface
The screen will display R.P.M.(Revolutions Per Minute), TEMP (temperature), RUN TIME, TIMER (start time and end time), REMAIN (remaining time)

Multi-Safety Protections
NFF01 featuring Digital Temperature Control, anti-leakage design prevents accidental liquid spill and the outer case is made from fire retardant PC materials.

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