Since GOPRO released its new camera mode Hero5 last year, numbers of Nitecore fans and extreme sports players, who has been fascinated with UGP3、UGP4 for a long time, are also expecting Nitecore’s new charger specifically designed for GOPRO HERO5. Following the idea of client-oriented and the tenet of dedication, Nitecore spares no efforts to meet the clients’ requirement and expectation, successfully release NITGCORFE UGP5—dual slots USB charger exclusively for GOPRO HERO5.

UGP5 is featured with duel slots which enables the users to charge two GOPRO HERO5 Black batteries simultaneously, USB input, and LCD display.

USB charger designed exclusively for GoPro Hero5 Black battery,getting rid of the outdoor charging conundrum, breaking loose from technical constraints inherited in conventional camera charging.

High definition LCD screen displays real-time information on power level, battery voltage, real time charging current, charged volume and battery level, which helps you to get the real-time information on overall charging status.

Compatible with various mobile power sources, solar panel and USB adaptors, can be used in conjunction with Nitecore’s F1 flexible power bank to ensure endless power supply.

Once the battery is inserted, the UGP5 will charge by low current and automatically detects battery status.

Active current distribution, intelligent USB charging system, automatically selects appropriate charging mode, effectively improves charging efficiency

Automatic detection on maximum output of adaptor, when the input power is adequate, the UGP5 will charge up to two batteries at the rate of 750mA respectively. when the input power is inadequate, the UGP5 will automatically detect the max input power and charge by the appropriate current. Basically, it is compatible to all USB input.

UGP5 automatically inspects battery conditions upon installation. “EE” will be displayed on the LCD if any abnormality is detected, and charging process will be terminated to protect batteries. You can rest assured that UGP5 takes care of your batteries all the time.

Made from durable PC+ABS (V0) fire retardant materials,advanced safety design,optimal heat dissipation.

Compact and highly portable,trough storage design allows for maximum space utilization and shields the cable away from potential damage.

For more information, please feel free to visit our website: UGP5