NITECORE’s newly release of USB chargers for Canon, Nikon, Leica camera battery has been hailed as an unprecedented success. On fully considering the marketing and customers’ demand, NITECORE spares no effort to launch new USB charger exclusively for Sony camera batteries, expanding its product scale to a larger extent and enhancing a more prosperous market.

USN1 is featured with dual slots which enables the users to charge two Sony batteries simultaneously, USB portable input, 1000 maximum output, and LCD display.

USN1 is the USB dual-slot charger designed exclusively for Sony battery, getting rid of the outdoor charging conundrum, breaking loose from technical constraints inherited in conventional camera charging.

Considering the using habit of Sony camera user, user can insert two Sony NP-FW50 battery simultaneously. There is no longer miss out of any splendid moment due to power inadequate.

Compatible with various mobile power sources, solar panel and USB adaptors, can be used in conjunction with Nitecore’s F2 flexible power bank to ensure endless power supply.

Charging speed up to 1000mA to charge batteries independently, ensuring efficient and rapid charging.

High definition LCD screen displays real-time information on power level, charged volume, charging temperature, battery level, real time charging current, battery voltage.

Smart Charging Management system. The USN1 takes advantages of the smart charging management system: it monitors battery status, showing battery voltage, charging current, temperature and battery level and other parameters; and automatic adoption for the optimal charging mode between CC and CV.

Battery health detection. Once the battery is inserted, the USN1 will charge with an initial current and automatically detects battery status. LCD will display battery health as Good, Normal or Poor.

Over-discharged battery activation. The USN1 will automatically activate over discharged battery caused by improper storage or misuse.

Reverse Polarity and Anti-Short Circuit Protection. The USN1 makes use of the mechanical reverse polarity protection. Inserting incompatible batteries or incorrect battery installation will prevent the initiation of the charging process. The error message “EE EE” will come up on the LCD display when a short circuited battery is installed.

Constructed from durable and fire retardant PC and ABS (V0) materials,fearless of the complex outdoor environments
Compact and highly portable. Cable storage trough on back side design allows for maximum space utilization and shields the cable away from potential damage.

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