The world has witnessed substantial growth in the global vape market during the past few years. The growth was mainly propelled by increasing popularity of the vape culture and the sky-rocketing demand for quality vaping products. As a result, Nitecore chargers have become some of the most sought-after products in the vaping community since their inceptions due to their feature-set and quality.

Despite this achievement, we are aware of a worrisome phenomenon that affects us and our loyal customers, we have seen increasing number of counterfeit chargers that bear the NITECORE mark surfacing. These counterfeit chargers of dubious origin pose not only quality defects, they are also infringing upon customers’ statutory rights and can be life-threatening in the worst case scenario. In response to this phenomenon, “The Authentic Nitecore Charger Alliance” was established as a counter-measure, as such, retailers in the alliance are genuine Nitecore products sellers, we urge everyone to make their purchases from a retailer in the alliance to guarantee their product safety and user experience.

A list of retailers in “The Authentic Nitecore Charger Alliance” can be found below:

No.ANCA0020Beck Services Inchttp://perfectvape.comUS
No.ANCA0017E-cig Distributionhttp://www.strictlyecig.comUS
No.ANCA0005HS Wholesalehttp://www.hswsupply.comUS
No.ANCA0002IMR Electronics, LLChttps://www.imrbatteries.comUS
No.ANCA0021InfeelingUSA US
No.ANCA0001Light Fire Grouphttp://lightfiregroup.comUS
No.ANCA0019Perfection Pen LLChttp://www.vape94.comUS
No.ANCA0010Premium E Storehttp://www.premiumecigarette.comUS
No.ANCA0004Vapor Worldhttp://www.vaporworld.bizUS
No.ANCA0026Liion Wholesalehttp://www.liionwholesale.comUS
No.ANCA0027Good Guy Vapeshttp://www.goodguyvapes.comUS
No.ANCA0014MMS Wholesale Ltd UK
No.ANCA0016Myepack LTD
No.ANCA0029Grey Haze
No.ANCA0031Purple Egg Ltd.
No.ANCA0007Costa Vapor S.L.http://www.costavapor.comSpain
No.ANCA0009Baraclope Grossistehttp://www.grossiste-baraclope.comFrance
No.ANCA0008Myvapors Europehttp://pro.myvapors-europe.comFrance
No.ANCA0013Pacific Smoke Internationalhttp://www.pacificsmoke.comCanada
No.ANCA0022Tiger  Russia
No.ANCA0025Smart Evolution Trading SPAhttp://www.puffcigarette.comItaly
No.ANCA0011Vape Switchhttp://www.vapeswitch.comJapan
No.ANCA0024Vista Jaya Indonesia
No.ANCA0028VAPO Zealand

*   List of retailers ranked in no particular order