NITECORE new charger series, gets your batteries charged rapidly on the way

February 12th 2018

As a brand new series of NITECORE charger, V2 In-car Speedy Battery Charger with a max output of 6A in total and 3A in each slot, is capable of identifying battery types, battery capacity, battery health and more. With dual USB port for charging external devices like smart phones or tablets.

Charging speed up to 3A in each slot

It takes only 40 minutes to rapidly charge an IMR battery to 80%.

Innovative Cup-shaped Design

The cup shaped design perfectly fits the cup holder in car, holding the V2 firmly in circumstances of accelerating, turning or braking when driving.

Two USB ports for charging devices on the way

The MAX output of each USB port of V2 is 5V, 2.1A. Simultaneously charges cell phones, tablets or other devices with a micro-USB port.

Multiple protection ensures safe charging

V2 has multiple functions such as protected battery activation, Li-ion battery recovery, overtime charging protection, anti-short circuiting, reverse polarity protection and PID system with temperature control.

For more info, please visit:V2