Q:Can Nitecore Li-ion batteries be charged up to 2,000 times?

A:This is an estimation based on test results for battery life according to IEC standards (for the number of times charging and discharging). The number may vary, however, depending on how the batteries are used. Battery life does decrease in relationship with the number of times the battery is recharged.

Q:What is "memory effect"?

A:If Ni-Cd batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries are repeatedly charged before the stored energy is used up, the battery "memorizes" the altered, decreased lifecycle. When you use it the next time, the voltage decreases immediately. Sometimes this causes equipment to shut down. This is called the "memory effect". The voltage of Nitecore Li-ion batteries is higher than that of conventional nickel-metal hydride batteries and even if the battery is charged excessively, sufficient voltage is maintained. You can recharge the battery as required without concern about memory effect.

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