NITECORE’s First 6-Slot Charger Specially Designed for Vapers

June 25th 2018

As the latest 6-slot quick charger of Q series, Q6 provides a unique experience of charging 6 Li-ion batteries separately and performs a maximum output of 2A in each slot, equipped with the charging program optimized for IMR batteries specially for vapers.


2A Quick Charger

Q6 performs a maximum output of 2A when using 1 pair of slots, or 0.65A when charging 6 batteries simultaneously.


Revolutionary Charging Program for IMR Batteries

Q6 provides specially optimized charging program and monitoring for IMR batteries, ensuring the charging voltage within safety limits. The upgraded security guarantees the prolonged lifespan for the batteries.


Handy Operation

Simply insert the batteries, and Q6 will automatically select the best charging mode according to their volumes and types.


Multi-Protected and Secure

As well as high-quality flame retardant and fireproof PC materials, users enjoy Q6’s reverse polarity and short circuit protection, activating protection board and overtime protection, aiming to extend its lifespan and ensure the user’s safety.


To learn more about Q6, please click:Q6