UA66Q the 6-Port QC USB Desktop Adapter is Available Now to Provide Simultaneous Full Output of All 6 Ports

June 17th 2019

UA66Q the 6-Port QC USB Desktop Adapter is available now as the most powerful member of the NITECORE USB Adapters. Available for QC 3.0 with 68W 

astonishing power for 6 devices, the integrated intelligent USB management system automatically adopts the optimal charging current according to the external 

devices and guarantees a safe and stable charging process, optimized to any mainstream device ranging from Android/iOS smartphones and tablets to other USB 


Equipped with multiple protection safeguards including Input / Output Overvoltage Protection, Input / Output Overcurrent Protection, Short-Circuit Protection, 

Reverse Current Protection, Automatic Cut-off Protection and Anti-Static Protection, the UA66Q is also globally approved by CE, RoHS and FCC etc. The durable and

fire-retardant PC materials provide a solid, impact resistant and anti-scratching shell to maximize the lifespan of the device. We are confident of our charger 

products and provide 18 months of free warranty and 15 days of free replacement service.

For more info of the UA66Q, please visit this link: UA66Q