NITECORE NFZ100 - The First Smart Camera Battery Managed with a Mobile App

August 6th 2019

The NITECORE NFZ100 is the first smart camera battery managed with a mobile app. Developed by NITECORE, it is specially designed for Sony camera users and 

compatible with Sony α7 III, α7R III, α9 (ILCE-9).

In NNERGY, an iOS/Android app in your smartphone, you can check the real-time information of the current working status of your smart batteries, including 

Battery Health, Power Remaining, Battery Voltage, Charge Cycles, Estimated Time to FULL/EMPTY, and Activation Date.

The NFZ100 is available with the Storage Mode. After the Storage Mode is activated, your battery will be automatically discharged to 70% after it is left unused 

for 10 days as it is the ideal storage status to be kept for a prolonged time. The firmware of the battery can be OTA upgraded in NNERGY to gain compatibility 

withthe latest Sony camera models. The power balance circuit is able to balance the working status of each cell to maximize the lifespan of the battery.

The high capacity of 2,280mAh enables approx. 500 photos taken in each charge cycle. It is equipped with multiple battery safeguards including Overcharge 

Protection, Over-discharge Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Overvoltage Protection and Short-circuit Protection. The proper size of the battery shell also fits 

the battery slot of Sony cameras perfectly.

For more info, please visit this link: NFZ100