NITECORE NPS200 and NPS400 Awarded as Winner of ISPO Award 2020!

March 5th 2020

With the ISPO Award, the internationally leading sports business network ISPO honors the outstanding products of the sports industry every year. Independent expert juries evaluate several hundred submissions according to precisely defined criteria. This top-class selection is a welcome orientation aid for both sports business professionals and consumers. For years, the ISPO Award has established itself internationally as a trendsetting award for outstanding products.

As an efficient outdoor power solution, the NITECORE NPS200 and NPS400 are able to convert the internal battery power to a pure sine wave AC output and versatile DC outputs to offer an experience beyond your imagination on the go. Before their official release to the market, they have already been recognized as Winner of ISPO Award 2020. The ISPO Award label provides orientation for consumers, media and retailers; it tells stories about innovation, craftsmanship, and excellence.

With multiple Outputs including AC/DC/USB outputs, the NITECORE NPS200 and NPS400 can provide simultaneous and versatile outputs for intelligent equipment and household appliances. The backlit realtime LCD Display enables easy operation at night. Similar to the standard AC electricity, the pure sine wave is unharmful and universally friendly to various household appliances. As portable power to support road trip, camping and filming, the NITECORE NPS200 and NPS400 are the only products to win the ISPO Award 2020 in the Energy Supply category.