NITECORE NES500 Portable Outdoor Power Station is Out Now

May 24th 2021

NITECORE Outdoor Power Solutions aim to create an eco-friendly power system with a green and sustainable lifestyle for outdoor enthusiasts. We strive to offer the most intelligent experience with professional, reliable and efficient energy storage products, designed to innovate the way of accessing power off the grid and allow a limitless power supply on the go.

The brand-new NITECORE NES500 portable outdoor power station has a large capacity of 518Wh (144000mAh) and a high output of 500W. With 9.2Wh/100g outstanding energy capacity, it can provide pure sine wave AC, cig lighter and USB outputs, offering simultaneous and versatile power to support road trips, camping, photography and more.

The pure sine wave AC output of the NITECORE NES500 is unharmful and universally friendly to various household appliances. The modular battery pack and advanced battery management system (BMS) can maintain excellent stability and the best performance. With each cell independently managed and stored, the modular battery pack can automatically balance the working status of each cell. The intervals more than 1.5mm (0.06") between each cell keep the interior well ventilated to quickly dissipate the heat into the air. The BMS of the NITECORE NES500 is designed to dynamically manage and monitor each cell 100 times per second. It can maintain the best performance and prevent overcharge or over-discharge of the batteries to prolong their lifespan.

The NITECORE NES500 portable outdoor power station complies with the international UN38.3 testing, to ensure the safety of lithium batteries during shipping. The 4 pieces of anti-shock rubber on the bottom can serve as a cushion to effectively protect the cells against a fall or an impact during transport. The UL certified battery cells and multiple protection safeguards ensure a prolonged lifespan with increased safety.

For more info, please visit this link: NES500