The NITECORE Ci2 & Ci4 Intelligent USB-C Superb Chargers Are Launched Now

June 22nd 2022

As our new product of the charger line, the Ci2/Ci4 is a QC/PD input available intelligent superb charger with a single slot max output of 3,000mA and a USB-C charging port. Therefore,  it only takes 35 minutes to charge a 3,500mAh battery from 30% to 80%. The main difference between the Ci2 and the Ci4 is that the former is a dual-slot charger that can charge 2 batteries simultaneously, while the latter has four slots that is capable of charging 4 batteries simultaneously.


The Ci2/Ci4 is intelligent and user-friendly as its excellent performance of automatic selection of charging current, automatic detection of battery power level and automatic termination upon charging completion. Besides, the Ci2/Ci4 will automatically detect the large/small capacity batteries and select an appropriate charging current when charging.


Moreover, the Ci2/Ci4 is equipped with dual external protection and multiple internal protection. Durable and fire retardant PC materials are fearless of the complex outdoor environments while the unique cooling fins are designed to enable extreme cooling performance to dissipate heat rapidly to avoid possible hazards. Multiple internal protection can ensure the safe charging process, including overtime charging protection, anti-short circuiting and reverse polarity protection and intelligent temperature regulation.


Like other NITECORE chargers, the Ci2/Ci4 also incorporates an optimized IMR battery charging program, over-discharged Li-ion battery activation, intelligent charging mode selection and energy saving function.


For more information, please visit this link: Ci2, Ci4