NITECORE EMR20 Portable Electronic Multipurpose Repeller Is Launched Now

September 15th 2022

As a new product of NITECORE, the EMR20 portable electronic multipurpose repeller is launched now. With lightweight design and portability as its main features, it brings a comfortable carrying experience for long hours and it is suitable for activities like camping, road-trip, hiking, fishing and more.


The EMR20 weighs only 227g (8oz) (batteries included) with a compact size. The smooth edges prevent your hands from being painful when holding. Powered by high capacity Li-ion batteries (10,000mAh), the EMR20 can provide a max runtime of 12h. Compared with conventional mosquito repeller powered by fuel, the EMR20 is more efficient, environmentally friendly and safer.


The EMR20 comes with 10 mosquito repellent mats (up to 6h each), which are twice the size of those on the market. It can repel mosquitos in 10 minutes due to the combination of heat activation and mosquito repelling mat. Like the EMR10, the EMR20 can create a protection zone of 11ft for indoor mode and 16ft for outdoor mode.


Available with QC3.0/PD3.0 charging modes via the USB-C port, it only takes 2h 30min to fully charge the EMR20 and it is able to be used as a power supply to charge other devices with 18W input / output power. The mosquito repelling function can only be activated by short pressing and then long pressing the Power Button to prevent accidental activation while carrying.


Provided with a heat insulation guard, the EMR20 is also waterproof as IPX5 rated and 1m impact resistant.


For more info, please visit this link: EMR20