NITECORE FSP30 30W Foldable Solar Panel is Released

September 28th 2022

The new member of NITECORE power supply products —­­ FSP30 is out now. With the main feature of lightweight, it aims to satisfy the new demands of some users for solar panels by striking the balance among light weight, output power and output ports to provide efficient power supply off the grid and on the go.


Equipped with the SunPower Solar Cell, the FSP30 continues the high cell efficiency of the FSP series. The FSP30 has an outstanding cell efficiency of 24%, which is 60% higher than conventional solar panels, enabling it to achieve a stable energy conversion even in an overcast day.


The FSP30 weighs only 625g (1.38 lbs), which is 57g (0.13 lbs) lighter than a 12.9" iPad Pro. So it is easy to be carried in a backpack. Apart from the 30W max output power, the FSP30 is equipped with dual USB-A + USB-C charging ports while 18W PD charging speed is available for the USB-C Port, making it perfect for charging devices like smartphones efficiently in the outdoors.


In addition, the voltage stabilizing module of the FSP30 can regulate the output voltage according to different solar light intensity to guarantee a stable output and a safe charging process for the devices. Meanwhile, the solar panel is covered with light and thin PET protective material, featuring high scratch resistance and abrasion resistance. Additionally, as an IPX5 waterproof device, the FSP30 is fearless of rainy weather. 

For more information, please click: FSP30