NITECORE CARBO 20000 World’s Lightest 20000mAh Power Bank Is Out Now

November 21st 2022

NITECORE’s brand new power bank — CARBO 20000 is released as the perfect choice for those who value weight, capacity, and impact resistance.


Featuring a unibody carbon fiber shell, the CARBO 20000 provides 1.5m impact resistance and lower weight, as well as abrasion and scratch resistance while it has excellent pressure resistance, over 200% greater than conventional power banks. Furthermore, it is highly reliable in complex environments, ideal for trekking or hiking with a heavy pack.


With a weight of only 295.5g (10.42 oz), the CARBO 20000 is 34% lighter than conventional power banks with the same capacity, effectively reducing the carrying load for users. Besides, the CARBO 20000 comes with the built-in 20,000mAh Li-ion battery and an energy density of 260.5mWh/g which is 24% higher than conventional 18650 Li-ion batteries, enabling it to provide 4.6 charges for iPhone 14 Pro.


Compatible with QC and PD charging, the CARBO 20000 is available with 18W input power and 20W output power for different devices via the USB-A and USB-C ports. Additionally, the Low Current Mode is suitable for charging devices like smart watches, smart bands, wireless headphones and more.


The CARBO 20000 is equipped with multiple protection safeguards, including overcurrent protection, overcharge protection and more. It is globally insured and approved with multiple global certifications while it is able to be carried on an airplane as its rated capacity is less than 100Wh.

For more info, please visit this link: CARBO 20000