NITECORE NES2000 Portable Outdoor Power Station is Out Now

March 20th 2023

NITECORE Outdoor Power Solutions aim to create an eco-friendly power system with a green and sustainable lifestyle for outdoor enthusiasts. Powered by a modular 21700 battery pack, the NES2000 is available with a large capacity of 2016Wh, ideal for various household appliances and electronic devices.


With the max output power of 2000W (surge 4000W), it is able to power high-power appliances like computers, televisions, portable fridges and more, applicable for outdoor works, road trips, and home backup.


Design with 4 wheels that are available with the lock function, the NES2000 can be lifted, pushed and pulled effortlessly. It comes with 15 ports while multiple output ports are able to power multiple appliances simultaneously. Besides, it only takes 2h to fully charge the NES2000 since its charging power is up to 1200W with the 220V AC input.


The NES2000 is equipped with a backlit real-time LCD display, which is easily operable in the dark or at night. In addition, we can download the NNERGY APP on the smartphone to connect with the NES2000 wirelessly for monitoring the information and data, controlling the switches and more. The UL certified battery cells and multiple protection safeguards ensure a prolonged lifespan with increased safety while the advanced battery management system (BMS) can maintain excellent stability and the best performance.

For more info, please visit this link: NES2000