NITECORE NEF20 Portable Neck Fan Is Out Now

April 13th 2023

NITECORE NEF20 Portable Neck Fan is out now. The newly designed fan is wearable and portable, and features 360° surrounding air outlets, ideal for daily commuting, camping, field trips, and more.

The NEF20 stands out from other neck fans with its unique, trendy, and clean-lined design. It also boasts a techwear style with a tempered grey color, suitable for various occasions and all styles of attire.

Driven by 4W high-efficiency motors, the dual-sided turbine motor, which contains 96 blades, draws air from both external and internal air inlets into the air duct. The air then flows out through the 66 air outlets, creating a 360° cooling experience.

The NEF20's built-in brushless DC motors enable quiet operation and is designed with 3 features to avoid twisting hairs: external hidden air inlets, internal air inlets, and bladeless design.

The built-in 4,000mAh high capacity Li-ion battery provides up to 16 hours of runtime and enables to use for 5 consecutive days during a 3-hour commuting without worrying about power outage. With the USB-C charging port, the NEF20 can be easily charged anytime, anywhere. 

For more info, please visit this link: NEF20