NITECORE EMR30 SE Portable Electronic Multipurpose Repeller Is Out Now

July 31st 2023

The NITECORE EMR30 SE Portable Electronic Multipurpose Repeller is equipped with the active diffusion system and FCB 2.0 heating system to bring an excellent mosquito repelling experience.


With the built-in active diffusion system, the EMR30 SE improves the diffusion efficiency, allowing to create a protection zone in 5 minutes. The built-in fan allows ingredients of the mosquito repellent mat to diffuse out quickly and powerfully with wind resistance. Hence, the EMR30 SE can still effectively repel mosquitos in an outdoor environment with the breeze.


The FCB 2.0 heating system elevates the temperature to 165°C (329°F) and accelerates the release of mosquito repellent mats. The temperatures around the heating area can be maintained at 45°C (113°F), effectively preventing burns or injuries. In addition, the EMR30 SE is designed to be safe for both the elderly and children.


NITECORE mosquito repellent mats double the size of conventional mosquito repellent mats on the market, providing up to 6 hours of protection each. It costs approx. $0.1 an hour to use with no extra consumption of fuel.


The EMR30 SE features smart circuits that keep the power bank active while in use for continuous power supply. It is able to be powered by dual power sources. It is fearless of power consumption when connected with an adapter. The max runtime can reach 12 hours when used with the 10,000mAh power bank.


The EMR30 SE is one-hand operable and ultra lightweight. With smooth edges, it brings a comfortable outdoor carrying experience for long hours. The EMR30 SE is waterproof as IPX5 rated and 1m impact resistant.

For more info, please visit this link: EMR30 SE