October 12th 2023

The GOOD DESIGN AWARD was established in 1957. Each year, it evaluates products based on innovation, design concepts, and quality, selecting outstanding products that enhance consumer experiences and quality of life. The GOOD DESIGN AWARD is currently one of the most influential and authoritative design awards, often referred to alongside iF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, and IDEA as the four major design awards in the world.


The SUMMIT 10000 Low Temperature Resistant Carbon Fiber Power Bank is specially designed for outdoor activities. It provides a reliable output even in the most severe cold environments, reaching as low as -40°C (-40°F). Besides, it is made from a unibody carbon fiber shell to achieve optimal protection to deal with complex outdoor activities. With the light weight of 172g (6.07 oz), it is 1.5m impact resistant and IPX5 rated, fearless of accidental drops while the rain and splashes.


The GOOD DESIGN AWARD praises the SUMMIT 10000, stating: " Every battery is vulnerable to cold climates, where its output voltage significantly drops, or it could die in extremely cold climates. This battery heats itself up in extremely cold climates up to -40 degrees Celsius, where the heatup ensures its capability, which is recognized as a remarkable idea. The benefits such a product provides are immense for those who engage in activities in extremely cold weather, and you can safely say that it could even save lives. It has an appearance covered by thin fiber with extrusion molding, which contributes to resistance to impact, and it is relatively lightweight, which is also admired. The fact that this product has created new values without stopping questioning in the already-generic mobile battery market is most incredible. "


Whether it's power banks or other products, NITECORE consistently prioritizes user needs, empowering users to exceed their limits and reach the next level. The recognition of the international industrial design award serves as a guide to the new era while simultaneously fueling NITECORE to push even further!