NITECORE Unveils the EMR05 TAC / EMR06 TAC Portable Electronic Multipurpose Repeller

June 3rd 2024

NITECORE today announced the official release of two portable electronic multipurpose repellers—EMR05 TAC and EMR06 TAC. They feature a rugged and angular design inspired by techwear style, making them the ultimate companions for outdoor mosquito repelling. NITECORE has always been dedicated to producing highly effective and safe mosquito repellers that create a mosquito-free outdoor environment for users.

Both the EMR05 TAC and the EMR06 TAC are equipped with the FCB 2.0 heating system, which raises the peak heating temperature to 165°C (329°F) during heating. This speeds up the volatilization efficiency of the mosquito repellent mat while directing heat upward, reducing the external temperature of the heating area to 45°C (113°F), thus preventing burns even without a heat insulation guard.

A built-in elastic structure beneath the heating area provides upward preload force on the mosquito repellent mat, This design makes the mat easier to remove, ensures it fits snugly against the heating zone, and allows compatibility with a wider range of mat sizes. Additionally, the heating area of both repellers is larger than the previous generation, enhancing the volatilization efficiency of the mosquito repellent mat.

Another advantage of the FCB 2.0 system is its improved conversion efficiency of electricity and heat, reducing heating loss. When powered by the NB10000, the EMR05 TAC consumes only 666mAh per hour, allowing for up to 15 hours of continuous mosquito repelling. The EMR06 TAC, with its built-in 1,800mAh battery, consumes nearly 60% less power per hour compared to standard mosquito repellers.

Weighing only 46g (1.62 oz), the EMR05 TAC is as compact as a cookie, while the EMR06 TAC weighs just 98g (3.46 oz) and it fits comfortably in your palm. Both models are easy to carry, equipped with a back clip for attachment to backpacks, MOLLE systems, or pockets, providing mosquito repellent effects anytime, anywhere.

Despite their small size, both repellers can cover up to 16ft of protection zone and take effect in 10 minutes. The mosquito repellent mats are twice the size of standard mats, each lasting up to 6 hours, extending usage time while reducing costs.

Additionally, they also offer IPX5 protection and can withstand drops from up to 1.5 meters.

For more info, please visit this link: EMR05 TAC

For more info, please visit this link: EMR06 TAC