NITECORE Unveils Portable Electric Pumps—the EBP10 and the EBP10 mini

June 13th 2024

NITECORE has officially launched two portable electric pumpsthe EBP10 mini and the EBP10. Traditional bike pumps are either too large and heavy, or compromise performance for weight. NITECORE's EBP10 lineup takes a professional approach, enhancing weight, size, inflation speed, durability, and battery performance. It saves time and reduces the burden for professional road racers and long-distance off-road cyclists.


Both pumps combine an aluminum alloy body with a durable PC material panel, ensuring outstanding texture, feel, and weight, alongside excellent reliability and heat dissipation. The pumps are incredibly compact and lightweight, with the EBP10 mini weighing just 140g (4.94 oz) and the EBP10 only 280g (9.88 oz), making them easy to carry and store. These attributes make them indispensable for professional cyclists aiming to minimize their gear load without sacrificing performance.


Both pumps are powered by high-speed aluminum alloy brushless motors and precision-crafted 0.01mm CNC-machined aluminum alloy chambers, ensuring lightweight, reliable, and stable operation. The EBP10 mini can deliver up to 120psi, while the EBP10 can reach up to 144psi, providing 20% more pressure than standard pumps on the market. They are versatile enough to fit a wide range of tire sizes.


The speed of inflation is a crucial measure of a pump's performance. The EBP10 mini can inflate a 700 x 25c road bike tire from zero to 80psi in just 60 seconds. The EBP10 further reduces inflation time to 45 seconds, doubling the speed of standard mini pumps. This efficiency saves valuable time, whether you're preparing for a daily ride or a competitive race.


Both pumps use an innovative flexible composite material on the aluminum alloy piston, offering excellent resistance to high temperatures and wear. After 100 uses, they show almost no degradation in pump performance, making them about 10% more durable than similar products on the market.


Both pumps come equipped with powerful Li-ion batteries—2.55Wh and 8.88Wh respectively—and feature a charging power of 10W. The EBP10 mini can be fully charged in just 40 minutes. For ease of use, the pumps include an OLED display and offer high-precision tire pressure detection with an accuracy of ±1psi. They also automatically stop when the desired pressure is reached and allow for easy switching between Presta and Schrader valves. These features make the pumps versatile and user-friendly, suited for various cycling needs.

For more info, please visit this link: EBP10 mini

For more info, please visit this link: EBP10