NITECORE Launches izzCool 10™ Lineup Handheld Air Conditioner Fan

July 8th 2024

NITECORE today launched the izzCool™ 10 lineup, a new cooling solution for your hot summer days. This all-in-one device combines a fan, a powerful humidifier, and a misting feature, using ice-bottled water to enhance your outdoor activities with a burst of refreshing coolness.

The izzCool™ 10 lineup features a leak-proof bottle adapter that is compatible with commonly available bottled purified or mineral water, allowing users to swap bottles anytime, anywhere. Thanks to the built-in brushless motor fan and high-performance atomizer, the iced bottled water will be converted into cool mist, propelled by the fan into a cooling breeze that mimics the refreshing winds of winter.

With the addition of cool bottled water, the izzCool™ 10 lineup enhances airflow and reduces stuffiness using the fan, while simultaneously cooling the air quickly with mist. It can lower the temperature by 16°C (28.8°F) within its operating range, creating a cool and comfortable environment similar to an air-conditioned room, making summer days more bearable.

The izzCool™ 10 lineup offers up to 12.5 hours of battery life and can provide misting for 6.8 hours when attached to a 550 mL bottled water, keeping you cool all day long. The included insulated carry pouch features an insulated layer that helps keep the cool last longer, and the lightweight shoulder strap is designed for easy carry wherever you go.

The izzCool™ 10 lineup is also a tiny humidifier featuring mist function. The mist function can be activated separately, delivering a moisture output of up to 80 mL/h. Using replaceable water bottles, it improves moisture output by over 129%, offering superior skin hydration compared to standard desktop humidifier (35 mL/h). In the office, it can reduce dryness and static for a more efficient workspace. At home, it offers long-lasting hydration throughout the night so you can sleep comfortably while it charges.

The izzCool™ 10 lineup includes two models: the izzCool™ 10 and the izzCool™ 10 Pro. The izzCool™ 10 features a 2,600mAh battery, while the izzCool™ 10 Pro is equipped with a 4,000mAh battery and features exclusive chrome-plated buttons.

For more info, please visit this link:izzCool™ 10

For more info,
please visit this link: izzCool™ 10 Pro