F1 FlexBank, Your Fresh New Solar Energy Storage Solution

May 4th 2016

F1 FlexBank is Nitecore's latest charger that can be used as a power bank in outdoor activities with extreme compactness and incredible ruggedness. Capable of using various Li-ion batteries as power storage, the F1 offers infinite expandability and flexibility to your dynamic outdoor adventures.

Your Nighttime Solar Energy Source
Store the solar energy your solar panel collects in various Li-ion batteries with the F1. It is easy to do, and can ensure your reliable power supply at night.

Intelligent Stable Voltage Output
While daytime sunshine can be intermittent, the solar energy stored in the batteries by the F1 is uninterruptible. We all know unstable voltage may damage a device during charge. However, you can leave your beloved outdoor gears with the F1 at ease because it features intelligent stable voltage output to safely power them up at anytime with its optimal conversion rate up to 90%.

Utmost strength, extreme lightweight
The F1 is built with ultra strong, extremely light weight Polycarbonate material. At only 1.06oz (30g), the F1 is durable thanks to its structural engineering with optimized endurance. You can count on the F1 in your tough and challenging outdoor expedition.

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