Pending update for charger validation programme

July 6th 2016

Nitecore's battery chargers has been exceptionally popular among consumers from different sectors since their inceptions, and their quality and functionalities are admired by vapers on a global scale. We would like to extend our humble gratitude to all customers who are interested or confident in our products. As an attempt to safeguard our customers’ statutory rights, we will be implementing an update for our charger validation programme, this is a counter-measure we put in place to prevent more customers from falling victim to the vast number of counterfeit Nitecore products on the market.

We urge all Nitecore customers to verify their chargers with the validation code at http://charger.nitecore.com/validation, alternatively, scan the QR code on the validation code sticker which redirects to our validation page, fill in the validation code and required information on the page. A confirmation email will be sent after the validation process.

Purchasing genuine Nitecore products is the only means to guarantee outstanding user experiences and customer services, counterfeit products are not eligible for any service provided by us, and in the worst case scenario, they may cause injury and other safety issues.

All genuine Nitecore products are entitled to our comprehensive warranty and services, we are striving to attain better performance while maintaining our product safety. If you have any concerns for any Nitecore products purchased, please call our customer service on 400 886 9828.